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The objective of STP-Gate™ is to help the Custodian streamline current manual processes and achieve a true STP environment. STP-Gate™ enables flow of messages from the Brokers and Fund Managers to the Custodian’s Settlement/ Authorisation desk. Some of the features available to a custodian are:

Features »
» Online Contract Note, Settlement Instruction, Rejection confirmation.
» Import for Exchange Obligation File by Custodian
» Ability to perform Online Matching & Reconciliation for acceptance/ give up of obligation.
» Export for Confirmed Exchange Orders file to the Exchange
» In case of Mismatch, provision for sending rejections of Settlement instructions
» Option for Custodians to know contract acceptance or rejections by Fund Manager
» Data available in electronic format thus manually keying it into any third party software not required.
» Standard ISO 15022 messaging flow structures.
Significant Benefits »
» Cost Advantage

Custodians can save on high costs, which they incur presently due to manual processing of information. Repeated faxes and telephone calls also results in pressure on the back-office and an increase in manpower costs.
» Time Advantage

Immense time saving can be achieved, since STP-Gate™ will provide status updates and information, online. Custodians will have up-to date information depending on which, they can accept or give up an obligation.
» Complete and Secure Inter-Connectivity

Due to seamless flow of information in electronic form and use of digital certificates, manual intervention will be minimised. Printouts & paper work would get reduced, as the digitally certified messages/ documents are legally binding and acceptable to all parties to the transaction.
» Complete and Secure Inter-Connectivity

STP-Gate™ will offer continuous connectivity to the Custodian in order to communicate with the other required entities. This will allow a real time message flow between the participants, under a 128-bit SSL secure network.

Features provided above are not exhaustive, for more details contact us for a demonstration.