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At a time when the Indian financial security systems were not so robust, self-made entrepreneur Jignesh Shah, realised the need for a secure transaction process.

Founder of the FinTech giant, 63 moons technologies limited, Jignesh Shah thought that unless transaction processing modules for these systems are designed carefully, they can be exploited to leak sensitive information to unauthorized users.

This led Jignesh Shah and his group to pioneer in providing STP solutions to the global financial markets and set-up a Secure Transaction Processing Gateway, namely, STP-Gate™, in order to provide seamless STP infrastructure services to market participants.

Straight Through Processing or the STP framework as proposed by SEBI aims to develop a robust financial infrastructure providing end-to-end connectivity to the various entities in the trade life cycle, namely Fund Managers, Custodians and Trading Members. The STP environment is expected to generate operational benefits, cost efficiencies and enable seamless information flow.

63 moons technologies limited, pioneer in providing STP solutions to the global financial markets, has set-up a Secure Transaction Processing Gateway: STP-Gate™, to provide seamless STP infrastructure services for market participants in order to achieve a seamless STP workflow.

STP-Gate™ will provide online connectivity to the entities along with online status and message flow.

In addition to providing a robust platform for transaction processing and creating an interface between the various parties to a trade, 63 moons by virtue of it being a market leader in mission-critical front-office and back-office solutions, creates an advantage for the participants to achieve end-to-end STP. Market intermediaries can deploy 63 moon’s complete end-to-end STP enabled solution suite that will integrate and automate processes associated with the complete trade life cycle starting from order routing, execution, trade reporting to the back office, contract note generation, brokerage computation, settlement, posting of accounting entries: Pre-Trade, Trade, Post-Trade.

STP-Gate™ enabling wider industry participation and broadening platform services…