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Currently, receiving contract notes, its confirmation, generation of instruction settlement to be sent to custodians is a very cumbersome process, as at every stage manual intervention is required. Manual intervention either by Phone, Fax or e-mail or Chat, thus scope for error and thereby resulting in failures is quite high. In order to eliminate these error–points, STP-Gate™ provides a platform to Fund Managers, which allows digitally certified message flow from brokers to Fund Manager, with minimal or no manual intervention and on online basis. This service, apart from the above, also offers the following:

Features »
» Online connectivity with the Brokers and the Custodians.
» Acceptance/ rejection of contract note by the Custodian in electronic form
» Generation of settlement instruction to be sent to Custodian for the deals executed.
» Provision for Fund Manager to know Accept or Reject status marked by Custodians for Settlement Instructions
» Provision for Fund Manager to know Accept or Give-up by Custodians for a particular transaction
» Data available in electronic format thus manually keying it into any third party software not required.
» Standard ISO 15022 messaging flow structures.
Significant Benefits »
» Cost and Time Advantage

aims at eliminating all manual interfaces and related delays and providing a platform to allow seamless flow of information to the intended parties on an online basis, thus helping in reducing the impact cost and also ensuring timely settlement of trades and instructions.
» Eliminating Paper Work and Minimising Manual Intervention

Due to seamless flow of information in electronic form and use of digital certificates, manual intervention will be minimised to a large extent. Printouts & paper work would get reduced, as digitally certified messages/ documents are legally binding and acceptable to all parties to the transaction.
» Complete and Secure Inter-Connectivity

will offer continuous connectivity to the Fund Manager in order to communicate with the other required entities. This will allow online message flow between the participants, under a fully 128 bit SSL secure network.

Features provided above are not exhaustive, for more details contact us for a demonstration.